Heated hoses are used to maintain the chemicals at the required temperature until they are mixed and applied with the spray gun. In field application for spraying PUR and POLYUREA often request heating hoses in length of several hundred feet of hose to deliver the raw materials to the spray gun.

Additionally the heated hoses have to achieve certain conditions such as high pressure, insulation and protection of heated materials, light weight, flexibility, resist permeability and security.

Polycraft uses a braided copper wire around the hose instead of a flat copper band. Result is a more flexible hose and a constant permanent and more homogeneous hose heating.

Heating is regulated and controlled by low voltage.

Polycraft's high quality LV-heated Low and High pressure hoses for spray PUR foam and POLYUREA are compatible and simple to install to GRACO®, GUSMER®, GAMA®, PMC®, GLASCRAFT® etc. equipment.

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